One Meal to rule them all, One Meal to find them, One Meal to bring them all and in the darkness bind them!

Well on Thursday evening I had the meal of all meals. Seriously good cooked food that was right up my street. 3 courses of pure delight topped off with a black coffee. Unsurprisingly it triggered a downward spiral of bad eating, as always. I started the week of good, Sunday to Thursdays passed and I had been spot on with my eating. Me and the girl decided to go out for dinner and both had pate with walnut bread to start. Awesome. She had sea bass (or bream I can never remember) and I had half a chicken with lemon and garlic with ‘seasonal fries’ aka CHIPS! In the grand scheme of things not too sad! But it was the pudding that killed my willpower. Check this, PEANUT BUTTER AND CHOCOLATE CHEESECAKE! actually a little slice of heaven.


Anyways….I thought, I’ve been good this week! I won’t let this one ‘cheat day’ defeat me. Until Friday afternoon. Her mum is in the kitchen making peanut butter and chocolate chunk cookies. Well they don’t touch the sides and by the time I look about 9 are gone. Yes nine!! I need to get back on it. Train insane, eat clean and get lean. I need support!!

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